Top 4 Minneapolis Home Buyers

Considering selling your home in the Twin Cities? You've come to the right place. Choosing the right home buyer can be the difference between a stress free process, and a stressful process.

Nearly all of them will buy on your schedule, as-is, and not charge any realtor fees or closing costs. The thing is, they're a dime a dozen.

You can't go down any major highway without seeing those infamous Kris Lindahl Arms, and "Guaranteed Offer". His team buys houses in the area.

So what gives? Why would you choose one home buyer, over another?

The answer is found in professionalism. Face it- we like to do business with people we like, and trust.

The list of home buyers below are likable, trustable, and have proven themselves to be among the best in the twin cities. They will ensure that the home selling process for you is stress free, instead of stressful.

So without further ado, here is the list of top 3 home buyers in Minneapolis

Top 4 Minneapolis Home Buyers

MN Home Guys Logo

1. MN Home Guys

You may have seen their ads on the local news, or on a billboard. And for good reason- they're dang good at what they do. Led by Paul and James Kolde, the MN Home Guys have been buying houses in the twin cities for years. They also buy all over the state of MN.

Their Differentiator: Not only do they give you a cash offer, they also will offer to list the property on the market to give you top dollar, as well as offer you a sort of seller-financing deal to make you interest on your sale.

Visit them at to get your offer today.

Resolution Home Buyers LLC Logo

2. Resolution Home Buyers

Started last year, Resolution Home Buyers is the most home-sweet-home type of buyer on this list. Led by Cory Johnson, they specialize in fast and easy sales, no matter the situation. Wether you're in foreclosure, probate, going through a divorce, or the like- Cory and his team are here to help.

Their Differentiator: They typically buy your house outright first, which means a more flexible closing process for you. A lot of times, home buyers sell off properties to other investors after they secure a deal with you, and take a cut. Resolution home buyers is known for buying them outright, first.

Visit them at to get your offer today.

3. Viking Home Buyers LLC

Viking Home Buyers, led by Ashley Hawk and her team, is one of the highest priced home buyers I've seen on this list. They consistently buy homes above what I've seen other investors offer. They've been around for a year or so, and buy a property or two a week. I haven't seen them offer the flexibility as the others on this list, but they make it up in paying you a slightly higher price.

Their Differentiator: The price they pay for houses seems to be higher then other home buyers.

Visit them at to get your offer today.

joe homebuyer logo on a black background

4. Joe Home Buyer

The Minnesota chapter of Joe Homebuyer is led by Angie Koch and her daughter Hannah, and are quickly emerging as one of the best home buyers on the market. Their demeanor is kind and welcoming, and they get the transaction done quickly and easily.

Their Differentiator: Their kindness! They are easily one of kindest home buyers in the area.

Visit or call 833-JOE-BUYS to get your offer today.

So there you have it! If you choose any of those four Minneapolis / Saint Paul home buyers you are certainly in good hands. All of them will provide you with options to sell, close on your timeline, as is, and cover all closing costs.

We hope this article has been informative! We hope you have a blessed day.



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